Ebru Courses 13

For three days, 22,23 and 24 Feb, 2013, Dialog Forum organized another round of annual The Art of Water Marbling: Ebru Courses at its premises at Vesterbrogade 52, 1. sal, Copenhagen. During the program, participants watched Ebru artist and Instructor Ahmet Akgun in amazement and learned the techniques and subtleties in performing such a delicate unique form of art. Later on they had the chance to perform on their own, which everyone enjoyed very much. Ahmet Akgun is regarded as one of the most acclaimed Water Marblers in Turkey. During the courses, he embellished his teaching with his beautiful voice and performed a wide range of Turkish folk songs, which turned the whole event in an audiovisual feast.
Water marbling or Ebru one of the most unique and beautiful forms of Turkish art. Ebru is formed by drawing designs with dye on top of water, and then carefully placing paper on the surface of the water in order to absorb the dye. The earliest examples of Ebru are found in the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, and are dated 1539, Ebru has traditionally been rarely signed, and therefore many great artists remain unnamed. Modern day students may study for more than 10 years before being considered master marblers, learning how to make the perfect dye, water bath, and design. Since each dye bath can only be transferred to paper once, every original piece of Ebru is unique.
The Ebru paintings produced by the participants and Ahmet Akgun are on the exhibit at Dialog Forum. If you want to have a glimpse of these magical paintings, drop by till the end of March, 2013.
Dialog Forum | Culture & Arts | 2013
Read more about Ahmet Akgun here.
Photos from the courses, by (c) Anna Sircova



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