Filmaften: Screening Copenhagen

Three cultures, three countries, three movies and one city
Through a three-day movie displays and meetings, students are invited to discuss and debate all aspects of film.This provides a forum for members to apply and expand their knowledge of cinema through dialog with other students. At meetings the topics can range from discussing a specific film, to deconstructing and debating a genre, to discussing cultures and diversity, to talking about ideologies, to mutual understanding, race, religion, and all.

Why Copenhagen?
Copenhagen is the city that hosts many other cultures within its borders, which makes it unique. Diversity of race, religion and lifestyle defines and sets Copenhagen apart from other world cities. How the city encompasses so many things is a mystery to everyone who pays a curious look.

Why movies?
Since movies have the audacity to display many details about the culture, language, tradition, and ethnicity and so on, they serve as a great medium to convey all these details in a story. And each story with its potentials and challenges provides the viewer with a deeper understanding in its discourse and context. Therefore, we believe movies are a fun and versatile way of presenting ideas and emotions of residents of this magnificent city, Copenhagen.

Three countries: Denmark, Brazil, and Turkey
As a projection of seeing through the eyes of the residents in Copenhagen, the movies, which are filmed at the native countries, are of great help to understand one another fellow citizen’s worldview. With a spokesperson from the native land, the participants will be able to exchange ideas and about the culture, understanding and values of the country which enriches Copenhagen with their diversity.


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