Remarks on the Ebru courses

 The old and long lasting Water Marbling art of Turkey, Ebru came to life once again. However, this time each brush stroke did drop the paints on its tips onto the water very far away from its hometown, that is Copenhagen, the northern harbour of Europe. Thanks to Dialog Forum, once again East met West and ‘past’ met ‘present’. And many westerners and Turkish citizens residing outside of Turkey found this great chance to learn painting on water.

The idea that man can paint on water may sound like a miracle such as the one Jesus walked on the water. I must assure you that it is of no miracle. Anyone wishing to do so can do it after taking the courses. The problem is that, there are not many to teach us this magical art. Therefore, I really feel lucky that I could learn and master this traditional art.

The courses at Dialog forum lasted for three weeks – in total 18 hours, which I never wanted to end and last longer than it is. That is because, the students, the teacher and the place were all very matched. Dr. Mustafa Akdemir, the teacher, came every weekend from Istanbul to Copenhagen so as to deliver as much as he could for us to learn it. His attitude and experience demonstrated how efficient he was and he cared a lot for the revival of the art. Also, the students, aging from youngest to oldest, have the passion and enthusiasm to take up and administer this enchanted art. Besides, the premises of Dialog Forum – located at the center of Copenhagen – made it very easy to reach with bus, train or bicycle. All these combined together and made this experience unforgettable for us, the apprentices.

On Sunday, 9th Oct, Dialog Forum is going to host the Water Marbling Art of Ebru one more time as an Exhibition which will start at 10 am and finish at 16.00. I would like to advice you all to drop by and have look at these marvellous and delicate products of Arts. See them yourself. Believe me you will simply be amazed.

by Ramazan Dicle, 04/10/2011

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